Saturday, January 8, 2011

The start of a new year.

I realized I never did a new years post. So, I dedicate this post for the new year. &GUESS WHAT I'M DOING?! A new years resolution :D

#1: You should know by looking at the picture. One would be is to lose weight. Throughout middle to high school, I was considered chubby/fat. Even my own family calls me fat, but no hard feelings though. It's those typical asian family, haha. I'm currently on a diet right now and it's been working pretty good. I started my diet on the 1st of January. I've been eating a lot of vegetables and water, which is a whole lot of improvement from last year. If I felt that I lost a lot of weight, I might even put a before and after pictures (:

#2: Get good grades from now until college. I'm a very big procrastinator ( I'm sure everyone is :D ) and I tend to slack a lot. I regret that I didn't try as hard thoughout my high school years. Sometimes I feel like a total "dumbass". I know that I'm smart, but I can say I'm DUMB for slacking. I hope I get good grades from now on because I would hate being looked as a failure. FIGHTING!

#3: Improve on my photography skills. I have a passion for photography since middle school and now high school. I'm even taking advance photography right now &I've learn so much from it. I l;ack motivation to take photos because I think my skills aren't even that great. I can't say that though! I have to take pictures for me to be able to improve on my skills. Same goes for web designing. 

I only have three on my mind. I know I have more but I'm just totally having a brainfart right now. Blehhh. What are your new years resolution?

pictures by: google.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yay, a holiday look :D

I hope you enjoy this holiday look I did.

Guess who is back into maplestory?! :D

THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! Hah, I haven't played maplestory in a long time. Since in my middle school days. When I heard they updated it, I decided to give it a go again. It's so fun, teehee. It kills time a lot! Since I don't have school right now and I'm home a lot. If you play maple, be my frrrrrriend :D YEAH?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't you love the feeling of a clean face.

Well, I do! Yesterday, I had a fantastic time with my cousins. Video will come soon. It's pretty sad that we didn't take any pictures, but we did take some videos. Yesterday, I drove to Pinole with my sister to pick up my cousins. We went to the mall and went to Sushi House. Yummmy. I can't wait until the video is done editing. I want to show how delicious the food looked. Anyways, back to the point. I had so much makeup on. I had a full face, haha. When I came back home, my face felt so oily and heavy. When I washed my face with the Olay daily  facials, my face felt so clean. I just love love love that feeling. The face feels so smooth and soft, haha.

No makeup, argggg. I had to show the fresh face though, teehee :D 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What is in my bag?

I haven't done a video for so long! Also, I haven't posted either. I've been so busy with school and moving to a new house. Yaaaaay :D I'm finally settled in. I love the house but one bad thing about it is that one of the bathrooms is broken. How am I going to beautify myself before school? Haha, jk. Well, I hope you enjoy! (=

Monday, November 29, 2010

New found love, thanksgiving, &etc.

I found my new eyeliner that I love so much. It's the Milani Eye Tech liquid eyeliner! Usually I have to put black eyeshadow over my eyeliner to stay put but this one, it didn't. You see, I have oily lids and so far, it did not smear. Good gracious. Also, it's a felt tip so it gives you a precise line &it's pigmented! Before, I had the stiletto eyeliner and the liner didn't really give out much liquid, but this one does. I can say I'll be buying this one now on. 

Pros:   Pigmented, does not smear, gives a precise line, and liquid comes out well. 
Cons:  Little product D; 

Enough about this product: 

Thanksgiving break is sadly over. I haven't done much during the break besides sitting at home and heading to the gym. I had to because of the big food coma I was about to get.  The food was delicious! I sadly didn't take pictures because I was already beastin' on my food, haha. It was soo cold, that night too. So, I gave this scarf a chance. It kept me warm throughout the cold weather. Also, it was nice to take pictures. I only have one that I liked. I tried bokeh for the first time :D

Christmas is almost here! &this song is just <3 It feels like Christmas is just only a few days away. Wahhh! &early in the song, they said something about their first love. I've never had a first love, nor a boyfriend. It's kind of lonely listening to this song, but you know what. WHO CARES?! 

..... jk, I care D: Forever lonely. Justkidding.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving break finally starts today.

Our school finally decided to let us have a week off. You hear me?! A WEEK OFF! Usually my school only lets us have break of a total of four days. Including the weekends. This break I have so many things planned to do. My friends decided that Monday we were going to watch the new Harry Potter. Then I have a friend's party to attend to and Black Friday. Oh, of course thanksgiving too.

Yesterday, I took my senior pictures. When I got there, there was a lot of people. From what I heard from my friends, it only took 10 minutes to take their picture. Not exactly what I thought. I stayed for almost 2 hours! I guess there are more procrastinators than I thought. Shame on me for doing it last minute. I hope my pictures came out good D;

Beast<3 I love them so much, you don't even know. When they first debuted, everyone called them idol rejects. I hated that because they have so much talent and people were just judging them without giving any reason. I can say, THEY ALL HAVE VOCALS. Even Junhyung, the rapper. Also, every time they would sing, I get goosebumps. I'm being not biased, lol. Check them out :D