Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm totally loving this weather.

It was in the early 70's, which I LOVE so much. It wasn't too hot, nor too cold. I think I caught the sniffles though. I couldn't really concentrate on my in class essay due to my runny nose. I didn't even have tissue and neither does my class. You know what I used? MY SHIRT! Gross, I made sure I have to clean it real good. Anyways, I've decided to play with my lenses. I've been abandoning it lately and I didn't know how it worked. I'm glad I played with it, now I can take better pictures to enter in my adv. photography class. My pictures from last year sucked ass. This is what I came up so far:

Hopefully Mr. Dumin thinks it good, or else I'm going to have to cut a bitch. Justkidding ;D

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