Sunday, September 19, 2010

Look what my granny gave me ;D

I love her mucho much.  Before I had to buy myself these, but now granny knows I like makeup. Hahahah, anyways I had so much fun last Saturday and today. Saturday, I had a girls night in with my mom and sisters. We went to Ranch 99 to buy some food. Made some  Walnuts shrimps and fried chicken, mmm goood. Then, I saw a dessert area. I love me some asian cakes. I bought Tiramisu. The way it was decorated was cute and kind of sophisticated but the the taste is yucky. 

Anyways, I decided to try out my new lippies that I got:
Sorry, I blurred out my mustache. Teehee.  My pimples were just devastating. Anyways, back to the point. I always wanted to try out a pin up makeup. I was about to buy one until .. I GOT ONE ;D This color is in "really red" from Revlon. It is a matte color. I love this color, it goes well on my skin tone. I'm going to do a look on this soon. 

This is "Pink About It" and it's from Revlon. This is also matte. This is great for a dolly look ;D It's also good for everyday wear if you dab it on your fingers to put on your lips. A cute pink tint. They're really pigmented too. Which I like.

This one is plumalicious. It great for fall looks. This one is quite moisturizing than the other two. No big deal tho. It's not matte, it has little shimmers in it. Later on, I'm going to play with these. I CANT WAIT ;D Haha, it's like playing doll houses all over again, weeeee.


  1. I love the red looks very sexy on you!Chk out my blog too, I hope I can inspire you to follow..:)


  2. great haul! i love the revlon gloss the most.