Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Senior year is kicking in.

So today was the water world trip for the seniors today. I sadly didn't go because my friends weren't going and I didn't want to be the fat hippo there. Before the water world trip, we did our panoramic picture. Everyone was wearing their matching t-shirts while my crew wore our wigs. We tight. At first, I didn't want to because it was embarrassing. Everyone there thought we were on crack or something and plus they were spitting out some negative comments. Bitch, please. You jealous? Lol, just kidding. Later on, I end up wearing the wig because my friends said I was ruining it.. kind of. Plus, we were split apart. I was by myself! *cries. After the whole panorama, I went to chill with my mom. 

You like my shirt from Target? Haha, it's a doctor. Where's the fine fella? Can I check you? Ew, justkidding. &makeup, I went for a natural look. I used the Maybelline smooth mousse. I liiiiiiiiioke. Review will come later ;D 

So, I just saw this video. It's Thai, even though I'm Thai myself.. I can't understand it. I hate bitches like that. If she was to choose that guy she cheated with, at least break with yo man first. Ugh. Same for  guys too. Shame on you.

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