Monday, September 6, 2010

This is something new.

Wow, this is really something. I'm deciding to go back to blogspot. Before I was blogging @Tumblr, but I think blogspot is more better. I find it more easier to blog here than there. Anyways, I can't believe I have school tomorrow. I'm so tired from this labor day weekend, all I did was hang out @Reno with my family. There was too many people, which I hate because sometimes.. the people are really pushy and they don't even know their manners. I also saw two asian snooki's. It. was. horrible. 

Today, on a Monday, I just rested the whole day. I also downloaded this things called desktop buddies. Haha, I think that was it called. Here's the screen shot:

You see, what they do is that they walk around on my desktop doing whatever they like. Haha, which are climbing and stealing my windows. You can also throw them around. They are too adorable. Also, I've been shopping online. I'm in bad shape for some new clothes. I hate recycling every week or so. I'm in need of some new stores, something NEW. Help me? Haha, I think this is all for now. Ta ta~


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