Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collective Haul

I'm slowly going back to blogging. I'm surprised my sister let me use her computer for a while. By the way, like the layout? I decided to go for a simple look but with more detail judging from my previous layout. So this is what I got! (:

I got the faux leather jacket and mens crew neck from Target. I've noticed the guys section has comfortable crew necks. Why can't the ladies section have that? Then I got the two bottom shirts from forever21. 

I LOVE holiday items they give out. I always caught myself buying it knowing it will only be there for a limited time. The red velvet smells so goood. No lie. I put some on today in class and everyone was just like, "What is that smell? It smells so good." Ehehehe.

I bought the Revlon photoready -_-;; So much man. I bought one for my senior pictures. I've tried my friends and I can say oooooh, so flawless. OMG! &the nail polish smells sooo good. It's smells like candy. Mhmmmm. 

Why did I even write about my buys? Haha. Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh. Nice haul!
    I wanna know what that hand gel smells like - it sounds like it'd probably smell like ...well ..cakes :( but okay. nevermind xD !

    I wanna go shopppinggg ;<