Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haven't blogged in a while.

Ever since my computer broke, I haven't blogged here in a while. I'm always on Tumblr because it was quick and simple. Oh, did I mention I'm using my sister's computer? Which is why I use Tumblr now because as soon as I'm writing on blogspot, I get kicked out from my sister.

Lately, I've been looking around for a new computer. I debating over a Macbook Pro or HP Touchsmart. I'm towards the Macbook more but it will take me a while to get it. Therefore, save a lot of money for it. People have been telling me it's good and once you get it, you'll never go back to a PC again. We'll see about it.

I'm thinking of changing my blog name. It sounds to nasty, haha. Toiletta is a name my cousins gave me and it's about a toilet. Gross, I know. I want a name more elegant. Once I get my photoshop back, I'll think of a name by then.


  1. Hehe I guess I'm your first follower. It's very nice to meet you! And I don't think you necessarily need to change your blog name - it's more memorable if you keep it the way it is haha

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  2. Haha, thanks for being my first follower. I thought I was going to be forever alone, justkidding.

    Thanks, now you gave me a second thought about my blog name :D