Sunday, December 12, 2010

Don't you love the feeling of a clean face.

Well, I do! Yesterday, I had a fantastic time with my cousins. Video will come soon. It's pretty sad that we didn't take any pictures, but we did take some videos. Yesterday, I drove to Pinole with my sister to pick up my cousins. We went to the mall and went to Sushi House. Yummmy. I can't wait until the video is done editing. I want to show how delicious the food looked. Anyways, back to the point. I had so much makeup on. I had a full face, haha. When I came back home, my face felt so oily and heavy. When I washed my face with the Olay daily  facials, my face felt so clean. I just love love love that feeling. The face feels so smooth and soft, haha.

No makeup, argggg. I had to show the fresh face though, teehee :D 


  1. I wanna see the food, haha, anyway, i wonder does the Olay daily facial dries up skins, because the product i am using are super harsh and i hate hate hate it >=[

  2. @bostoniancouture
    Yeah, it actually does make my skin feel dry. Also, my skin type is dry, which is a BIG no no. Haha.