Saturday, January 8, 2011

The start of a new year.

I realized I never did a new years post. So, I dedicate this post for the new year. &GUESS WHAT I'M DOING?! A new years resolution :D

#1: You should know by looking at the picture. One would be is to lose weight. Throughout middle to high school, I was considered chubby/fat. Even my own family calls me fat, but no hard feelings though. It's those typical asian family, haha. I'm currently on a diet right now and it's been working pretty good. I started my diet on the 1st of January. I've been eating a lot of vegetables and water, which is a whole lot of improvement from last year. If I felt that I lost a lot of weight, I might even put a before and after pictures (:

#2: Get good grades from now until college. I'm a very big procrastinator ( I'm sure everyone is :D ) and I tend to slack a lot. I regret that I didn't try as hard thoughout my high school years. Sometimes I feel like a total "dumbass". I know that I'm smart, but I can say I'm DUMB for slacking. I hope I get good grades from now on because I would hate being looked as a failure. FIGHTING!

#3: Improve on my photography skills. I have a passion for photography since middle school and now high school. I'm even taking advance photography right now &I've learn so much from it. I l;ack motivation to take photos because I think my skills aren't even that great. I can't say that though! I have to take pictures for me to be able to improve on my skills. Same goes for web designing. 

I only have three on my mind. I know I have more but I'm just totally having a brainfart right now. Blehhh. What are your new years resolution?

pictures by: google.


  1. Great resolutions! I agree with you about how brutally honest Asian families can be sometimes; sometimes a little tact in choosing their words would be nice =.= Anyway, best of luck in keeping your resolutions! :D

  2. I've tagged you ! <3 Read my Blog and do the questions

  3. cute blog! :) please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment <3


  4. im trying to do all three of those, too!